Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Nude Make-Up

Diejenigen, welche es natürlicher mögen, folgen einfach dem Nude Make-Up-Trend. Mit hellen Lidschatten in Braun & Creme sehen die Augen ungeschminkt aus & lassen dich aber trotzdem glänzen.
Those who like it more natural can just follow the nude make-up trend. Bright eye shadows in brown & cream will let your eyes look like you don't wear any make-up & but still let you shine.
(Photo from Ko-Te)
(Photo from The Miners Wife)
(Photo from Me and You Lookbook)

Eyeshadow - "Corduroy" by MAC
(Photo from

Eyeshadow - "Blanc Type" by MAC
(Photo from

Eyeshadow - "Brule" by MAC
(Photo from MAC)

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